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How To Choose A Moustache Wax

Growing a moustache can be enjoyable and rewarding especially for those gents that are willing to put a little effort and time into styling and taking the correct care of their whiskers. With all the products and tools designed to help with your moustache, it can get a bit confusing to browse all of the brands and items in the marketplace. The following guide can assist you when you are searching for and utilizing the best wax for your specific 'stache.

When to Start Utilizing Moustache Wax?

Guys who groom their mustache daily with wax discover that, with time, the hairs become "trained" and begin to lie in a direction off of the lip more naturally. When your hairs start to hang over the lip then it is time to begin using wax to keep it out of your mouth. In the begining, as in the first few days to weeks, things will not be easy, but with time your hairs will train off the lip as they grow.

Early on, those hairs can be quite frustrating, and some fellas will chew on their moustache triggering uneven development. An excellent wax can prevent this from happening, and if it's far too late for you then simply trim those whiskers down (or off completely) and begin over.

Regular/ Medium Hold Wax

For day-to-day grooming requirements, you will need a medium hold mustache wax to help keep the hairs from the mouth and the food from the hairs ... The majority of regular holding waxes are designed for everyday use and are a lot easier to apply. Depending on how course your facial hair is, you might have to use a medium hold wax an extra time throughout the day, yet a few of you may have a tame mustache all day long after just one early morning application depending upon the brand you are using.

Strong Hold

Many people ask "Can I use hairspray instead"? Sure, but do you like using harmful chemicals that can trigger damage to your hairs and inflammation to the skin? Many people have tried such methods and the absence of quality and performance offered by hairspray and gel are a prime reason that serious mustache enthusiasts always choose natural waxes to hairstyling item. Plus, spraying hairspray anywhere near your mouth just tastes gross.

Utilizing strong wax to style handlebars, english, or other styles will require a level of commitment. Keep in mind, if you want excellence then patience and practice are needed.

Waxes that truly use a "Strong Hold" are produced for those who don't mind taking a little time in the early morning to design and style themselves an amazing moustache. Something like this will do the trick. https://www.primitiveoutpost.com/collections/moustache-wax. It's also particularly effective for those planning to enter a beard/ moustache competition or for those heading out on a hot Saturday night date!

To use a strong wax, it's typical practice to use a hair dryer on low heat for a few seconds to assist soften and comb the wax into your hairs. As it begins to cool, you should be able to start forming your 'stache into place!

Handling the Heat

Whether you use medium or strong hold mustache wax, the temperature you live, work, and play in can certainly be a factor regarding how your wax performs. Depending upon your environment, you may have to use extra throughout the day. Almost all mustache waxes, and the majority of hair styling items in general become soft when heat is used. Hot drinks, snacking, chatting and smiling a lot might likewise be cause enough for an extra application due to the lip being a really active area of the body.

Exactly What is Moustache Wax Made From?

Each brand of mustache wax differs with the kind of active ingredients they utilize. There are some excellent brand names of wax on the market that use natural active ingredients like bees wax, castor oil, and lanolin. Most of the "cheap" waxes on the market may do "ok", but they are cheap for obvious reasons. Huge amounts of these lower end waxes are made up of damaging chemicals that are bad for both your hairs and the environment.

Also, beware of some components such as petroleum. These are known in the mustache world to cause acne and other skin inflammation problems.

You'll need to factor in your skin and hair type to find exactly what will work best for your stache. We do recommend doing your research and buying only quality tins of wax that are made from all-natural ingredients.

Aromatic vs Non-Scented Wax

When evaluating the appropriate wax for your moustache, always make sure the fragrance is not overpowering. You are applying wax to the hairs directly below your nose, so you don't need anything too strong. A headache is not one of the requirements of styling a great mustache. So ensure you select wax with an enjoyable subtle fragrance or one that has no added scents. Believe it or not, scent-free waxes are kind of rare.

The perfect moustache wax will vary from person to person depending on hair type, design choices, environment, and scent choices. Once again, we highly recommend steering clear of all inexpensive waxes made from harmful chemicals.


You might need to try various brands to see what works best for you. If you are trying not to invest too much trialing different products, then ensure you check item reviews to hear what other mustache lovers are saying about that specific wax.

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